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NIS America 2019 Showcase Happening 11th March

NIS America has informed fans that their annual showcase of upcoming video games will be happening on the 11th of March. The event will begin at 9am PT and should hopefully include a number of surprises for Nintendo Switch owners. You will be able to watch the stream live at the NIS America Twitch and Youtube channel on the day.

8 thoughts on “NIS America 2019 Showcase Happening 11th March”

    1. Sort of, but a lot less titles that people care about, and it’s stretched out over a Livestream so they can get more viewers. We’ll probably get a lot of Switch titles announced but last year the only ones that looked interesting to me were Little Dragons Cafe and Happy Birthdays.

  1. I hope we get news on Disgaea 6 and maybe the happy announcement that they translate the Langrisser Remake c:

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