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Brad Sams: Now Hearing Sources Say Xbox Game Pass Isn’t Coming To Nintendo Switch, At Least Near Term

Brad Sams, who is one of the writers for Windows Central, has now heard from multiple close sources that Xbox Games Pass via x-Cloud streaming isn’t destined for the Nintendo Switch. It could come in the future, but right now it doesn’t seem to be something that’s happening, which is a shame. However, it still seems as though Xbox One title Ori and the Blind Forest could still come to Nintendo Switch as a physical and digital release. Here’s what Mr. Sam’s had to say in a recent video:

There has been a lot of talk out there about Game Pass on the Switch. I’m hearing from multiple sources that is not happening. Let me qualify, that is definitely not happening in the near term. I can’t ever say never, because Microsoft wants Game Pass on TV’s, they want it on PC’s, they want it on Xbox, they want it everywhere with their XCloud stuff, but as of right now I am hearing from multiple people that it isn’t coming to the Switch. Obviously things could change and all that good stuff, but yeah don’t expect Game Pass on the Switch anytime soon. At least that is what I’m hearing.

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    1. would be nice but that is up to Bandai-Namco not Microsoft unless they paid them to post the game for Switch which would be awfully nice of them but it would make Nintendo look like one of those people that asks a friend to ask someone out for them.

  1. Thank goodness. Do we really need Master Chief in Smash bros? … That was a rhetorical question

  2. It would be nice if banjo kazooie and or tooie was ported to switch as a digital download, even if just temporary.

  3. My sources say it is coming and it is not coming.
    In either case my insider info will be correct.
    You may regard me as the most reputable source for leaks from now on.
    My sources also say that Persona 5 is coming to the Switch and it is not coming to the Switch.
    You’re welcome.

  4. Trust me. It’s Definetly coming to SWITCH. Maybe not right now in 2019. But look for possibly 2020 or by the time XCloud is up & running

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