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GT Goku Announced For Dragon Ball FighterZ As DLC

Japanese magazine Monthly V-Jump has confirmed today that Goku from Dragon Ball GT will be added as a DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is not clear at the moment when Goku from Dragon Ball GT will join the party, but it sounds as though it will be fairly soon.

GT Goku’s special move is “Super Kamehameha,” which transforms him into Super Saiyan 3 when there are two or fewer overall team members remaining. His Meteor special attacks include “Super Spirit Bomb” and a second, hidden attack. His other attacks include “Power Pole” and “Reverse Kamehameha.”9


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10 thoughts on “GT Goku Announced For Dragon Ball FighterZ As DLC”

  1. I know a lot of people don’t like this for very calid reasons like: too maby Gokus, hinted moveset seems underwhelming (probs no ssj4, looking like ssj3, looking a lot too similar), and that kind of stuff.

    But holy shit I’m super hyped for this. I love Kid Goku and I really hope his moveset that’s hinted at is not final, it’s a long while before we get him anyways. It seems to me they chose GT over OG dragon ball for 2 reasons. Kill two birds in one stone, Kid Goku and a GT rep. The second reason being GT Goku can fly making super dashing more possible (i think, actually havent seen GT, but have seen OG and finishing Z as I type). It also seems to me it’s more a hybrid between GT and OG since power pole is there. That way a biggee moveset is possible. I hope to see SSJ4 still and also Dragon Fist, legitametly Goku’s only fully self created move. Plus I think he’s the perfect pick for me on my team. I’m looking for a two and considering you can basically run 3s or 1s at 2 flr the most part, pretty confident he’ll work fine with Krillin and SS Vegeta.

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