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Castle Crashers Remastered Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Indie developers The Behemoth have confirmed today that Castle Crashers Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch, which excite fans of the original The game will be playable at PAX Boston on the Nintendo Switch and also the PlayStation 4. The company detailed the new changes and additions to the game on their official blog:

  • A multiplayer mini-game called “Back Off Barbarian” that’s frantic and weird.
  • Texture sizes of the game are five times the texture size of the original game
  • CCR runs at 60 frames per second. The original ran at 30 frames per second which feels kind of like a slideshow if you go back to it after trying this new one.
  • All previously released downloadable content like characters, weapons, and animal orbs are available in-game
  • Various performance updates and improvements to gameplay and online multiplayer

CCR on the Nintendo Switch has HD Rumble, Switch Online, and 4 player local Joy-Con support. Bring those little knights with you in handheld mode or put them up on the big screen while docked!


Thanks to Christopher B and PC Military Commander Sid for the news tip!


  1. .
    Absolutely brilliant!

    It’s amazing to see the 11-year-old Castle Crashers still craved by many even to this day.

    It’s an incredibly awesome 2D co-op beat ’em up.

    I hope a successor will come someday.

    Thanks The Behemoth!

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