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Eurogamer Backs Up Wall Street Journal Report Regarding 2 New Nintendo Switch Models

Eurogamer has said today that their sources have also informed them that there will be two new Nintendo Switch models being released soon. This backs up yesterday’s report from the Wall Street Journal. Eurogamer says that there will be two new Nintendo Switch models released – one will be a more powerful model, but Eurogamer’s new editor Tom Phillips says that “the bump will be comparable to the one received by the 3DS upon its New 3DS relaunch.” The other Nintendo Switch model will be a budget version which the company sees as a successor to the popular Nintendo 3DS line. “Nintendo is, I’m told, keen to recapture the 2DS value proposition. Similar to 2DS, the unit’s design will be sturdier than the current Switch model in order to be “kid-proof”. The report also says that several features will be removed to reduce costs and that the company has “designed its budget Switch for an audience which uses it in handheld mode only.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

57 thoughts on “Eurogamer Backs Up Wall Street Journal Report Regarding 2 New Nintendo Switch Models”

    1. I guess so and thats make me sad.
      They should do it more powerful… almost the ps4, so that we would get RR2 or GTA5 but with just a little more power… nothing will change for great tripple A third parties.

      1. You can’t just make a handheld PS4. The reason that those systems are so powerful is BECAUSE they aren’t handheld. Since they’re plugged into a wall and have larger frames, they can have better cooling and use faster, (sometimes) cheaper, less power efficient memory and use chips with more cores that run faster and even have secondary processors.

        When you’re making a handheld, size and power efficiency absolutely have to be the main goals..

  1. I’m still skeptical about this so I don’t believe this rumour. Nintendo has said in the past that they aren’t planning in releasing any revisions of he switch this year.

    1. They said the same thing about the ds lite and the next day after their “no plans” statement they announced the ds lite. Also if you look at nintendo’s handhelds they DO revisions. also with the no longer selling like they used too they need something that they can sell at a lower price point. A equal powerful switch with less features such as no detachable controllers (though you can always wirelessly still pair joy cons), no hd rumble, and sell it without a dock (however can buy a dock separately) would mean they can probably sell anywhere from 150 to 199 and recapture selling in a cheaper market.

    1. Yea that was two months ago and these rumors have been around for a few months also. I see a revision coming next year (year 3 ) for the switch not this year. It still has enty of steam and isn’t slowing down to much at all. The next gen consoles will be out at the end of next year or 2021 so expect the switch to release a revised edition earlier in the year as they did originally. But yeah I don’t buy into it and no actual sources have been cited

    1. With the joy-cons being part of the system. *shivers* Doesn’t that kind of not make it a “Switch”?

      1. You could still probably pair other joy cons to it and it will probably still be able to connect to a dock through the charging port like always and that is the switch concept. to switch between handheld and dock mode not so much the detachable joy con.

  2. Lmao not eurogamer the same people who thought the nx circle controller, and that pokemon stars were real I’m gonna be honest the revisions rumor don’t sound belivable altough I do see some type of revision coming like next year or maybe after that year

  3. If there is a smaller one and all I defo not buying as I don’t see the point.
    I would buy an enhanced Switch but if it’s more powerful and upscales games and so on, not if the system is like a bit bigger and has more memory and a better kickstand lol
    My switch stays docked 99% of the time

    1. Not for me. A portable-only Switch sounds awesome to me, because I play only like this when it comes to Switch games.

  4. Handheld version makes a lot of sense. I never use my Switch on the go because it’s too bulky. If I could’ve gotten a smaller one with built in controls and HDMI port, I would’ve bought that along with a pair of joycons instead.

  5. This all makes sense now because Nintendo did say something about Nintendo Switch mini last year that has been rumored. I’m ok with the handheld mode of it b. I don’t know about the Joy-Cons with these models.

  6. Just because Nintendo said they won’t release a revision this year doesn’t mean they can’t still announce one coming for the 2020 year. Announcing a revision a year before it’s set to release is a good business decision as it gives those that might want it a year in advance to save up money for one if they are on a limited budget.

  7. The subtle speed differences in the N3DS vs 3DS are significant enough that going back to play on my old 3DS feels painful. Even if it is only a tiny bit better, I’m already interested.

    (*Middle Aged Gamer with more spare cash than time to play. $400 for 10% faster load times and more stable resolution and framerate? Yes please)

    I’ll wait to see what it actually is, but I could totally see myself picking up the upgrade and giving my current Switch to my Nephew so we can play together. He loves Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart.

  8. Eurogamer always throws out rumours. I don’t know how many of them actually are spot on, but those I’ve picked up from them are either wrong, saying stuff like “we know something” and when literary ANYTHING comes out they’re like “WE KNEW IT WE SAID WE KNEW SOMETHING” or just way too obvious.

    For example when they said we would see something NX & Mario Odyssey related in october 2016, and it didn’t show up the week they said it would show up, they all went “They changed it because it wasn’t ready”.

    We’ll just have to see about this one.

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  10. It is always something new that they make slightly more powerful. Wii U was slightly more powerful than Wii. Wii was slightly more powerful than Gamecube

    When is Nintendo going to boost up powerful from like SNES to N64 or N64 to Gamecube? Why everything gotta be slightly now? Yet Sony does not have that problem.

    1. Wii U was way more powerful than the Wii. It’s CPU performance alone was roughly 5x the Wiis, the GPU went from a fixed function processor to one with a unified shader model, main memory was about 4x faster and there was 22x more of it. So it was quite the jump, but it was still weak for the time the CPU even had trouble keeping up with consoles that had been out for like 6 years at that point..

      The reason why Switch is almost a Gamecube to Wii-like jump is because the Switch is.. not really a home console at all in design. It’s a handheld with some console features tacked on. It’s ceiling for improvement is capped by that concept.

      1. Will they made it seem it was slightly more powerful than the Wii. I guess because the Wii u was slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3. So it was a sterotype

        1. Well it used the same CPU cores as the Wii so maybe that’s what you were thinking of?Each of the Wii U’s cores were clocked around 70% higher though and their were 3 of them. Deep down though, it was based on a design from 1997 so there were ways in which the Wii U’s CPU was actually weaker than the Xbox 360 and PS3. Really anything involved SIMD, which is used a lot in games, was way worse on the Wii U.

          That’s one way in which the Switch is a lot better than the Wii U.

  11. I guess the good news is with Nintendo making facelifts or next generation consoles slight more powerful, then I guess Microsft doesnt have an issue with Nintendo bringing in games to Switch

  12. Well if the more powerful one can play additional games like the new Nintendo 3ds enabled then I’m all for it otherwise I don’t see the point in upgrading for me personally at least. I don’t see it being a majors performance upgrade though as they probly don’t want to alienate existing customers by making “new” switch exclusive games.

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