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Best Buy Seem To Have Leaked Joker’s Render In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

We found out a few month’s ago that Joker from Persona Q and Persona 5 is coming to the beloved Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a paid DLC character. However, we have yet to see his final design in the game. Best Buy’s “Weekly Ads” page has seemingly leaked the design ahead of the reveal via an advert for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter’s pass.


33 thoughts on “Best Buy Seem To Have Leaked Joker’s Render In Super Smash Bros Ultimate”

    1. It’s likely real since this artwork/pose don’t exist anywhere else and Best Buy doesn’t do fake renders, they have leaked other content in the past.

  1. Dang, that looks good! I looked away when his stage was revealed, but I just HAD to take a look at this! Starting to be glad I bought the fighters pass!

  2. Now, all we need is Shantae and possibly Risky Boots, Gino, Bass and Treble, Zero (from Mega Man Zero because MMX’s Zero is an assist trophy), mmmmaaaayyyybe Waluigi, the rumored Dragon Quest character (ugh, another swordsman) and Bandana Waddle Dee (because spears).

    And since Ridley is not too big, how about Doshin The Giant?

    Also, am I time be only one who thinks that Fire Emblem and Pokemon need their own Smash Bros spinoffs?

    1. Well, Pokemon already has Pokken Tournament and, while not Smash-Bros.-esque, is a fighting game so we probably won’t see another one for at least a while.

      And if we’re gonna start sticking indie characters into Smash, why not Quote from Cave Story with Curly Brace as an assist and Outer Wall as a stage? Quote is kind of like the original indie game character- his whole game was made by one guy and then released at no cost, not to mention his moveset has a lot to draw from.

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    1. You really should give Persona 5 a go if you can- it’s a beautiful game. The story is enticing, the characters are captivating, and the soundtrack is phenomenal. It’s probably my favorite RPG next to Earthbound and Mother 3.

        1. Not very, but they made it so that you don’t need to have played any previous Personas to understand what’s going on. Actually, from what I’ve heard, one part of P5 actually can be spoiled if you’ve played 3 or 4 and you notice a particular detail about a certain character early on. Luckily for me P5 was my first Persona so it went right over my head.

        1. To be fair, P5 plays nothing like Earthbound, but at its core it’s a JRPG with a side of social simulator (which is important because the friendships you make give you abilities during dungeon crawling and battles). Persona 5 was the game that made me buy a PS4 in the first place.

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