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Japan: Doraemon Story Of Seasons Launches 13th June

Bandai Namco has announced today that Doraemon Story Of Seasons for the Nintendo Switch now has a solid release date in Japan. The game is coming on the 13th of June, though no English release date has been announced as of yet. The company’s website for the game has gone live which you can view here and also there’s a new trailer which you can view below and it contains details on the story, characters.


7 thoughts on “Japan: Doraemon Story Of Seasons Launches 13th June”

  1. Bruh… scrolling through quickly and thought this screenshot was animal crossing and about died. So glad its not lol

  2. One of the first few Switch games that probably won’t be localized.

    Sure the system’s region-free, but JAPANESE TEXT!

  3. On one hand, it’s a Doraemon game so I doubt it would be localized… On the other hand, it’s the first Story of Seasons (known as Harvest Moon from 1996 to 2013 before a different series of games took the name) game on the Switch, and I really want it to be localized…

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