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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update Version 2.0.2 Coming Tonight

While you are all waiting for the substantial Super Smash Bros Ultimate Version 3.0.0 patch which is coming sometime in the spring, the game will be updated to Version 2.0.2 tonight. Details regarding the changes that this minor new patch contains haven’t been announced. But as always, we shall keep you updated.


20 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update Version 2.0.2 Coming Tonight”

      1. Also this isn’t just from this article. They said it in the actual video from the direct. They never said Joker was coming in version 3.0

      2. +dylbanana12
        I’ll admit I was wrong on them saying Joker is apart of version 3.0 but Piranha Plant was added on Version 2.0 so it only makes sense Joker would be on version 3.0.
        Plus, another thing to point out, they wouldn’t release version 3.0 and then have another 1 for Joker, it would make a lot more sense just to put all the content into 1 update. The only reason this update exists is likely for balancing and glitch fixing.

      3. +Dylbanana12
        I actually would love to be wrong as I’m really excited for Joker despite never playing a Persona game in my life, I just prefer to think realistically than idealistically.

    1. Also a while back they did data mining and Jokers coding was already in the game before Pirahna Plant was added as well as coding for DLC fighter number 2!

    1. That’s an understatement, why is there still no voicechat on the switch also. I’ve always been a nintendo fanboy but when the next console hits , i’m not gonna buy it anymore.

      1. +Zankaiken
        Voice Chat? That’s the least of our worries. What needs fixing badly is the matchmaking system, I am so sick of being forced into matches that have items on and are on a stage full of hazards.
        You want better voice chat? Use Discord, it’s better than anything Nintendo comes up with.

  1. I am curious as to what patch was deemed necessary before a Version update around the corner.

    Balance patch seems unnecessary; perhaps removing the datamine “leaks”?

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