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Super Smash Bros Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 Taking Place At Amsterdam

Teams from across Europe have been splatting and smashing their way through two thrilling championship circuits in the past months. With French team Alliance Rogue recently taking the crown in the Splatoon 2 European Championship, it’s now up to Europe’s best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate squads to decide their kings of the ring at the finals of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 taking place at Amsterdam’s Beurs van Berlage on 4th and 5th May. And the most exciting part of this road to glory: both the European champions in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2 will go on to compete in the World Championships which will be held on 8th June in Los Angeles.

Fans who want to support and root for their local teams at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finals in Amsterdam will be able to sign up for a limited number of tickets soon. For those who can’t make it to the live event in Amsterdam, the tournament will be livestreamed on Nintendo’s official twitchand YouTube channels. More details on how to be part of the thrilling conclusion of the European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 will be revealed in the future.

Basic Ruleset of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 Finals

To determine the European Super Smash Bros. Ultimate champions in Amsterdam, qualified teams will be split into 4 groups of 3 teams, with the top 2 teams of each group moving on to the quarter-finals stage.

The winners in group, quarter- and semi-finals will be decided by a best-of-five set, featuring these matches:

Match 1: 2v2

Match 2: 1v1 Smashdown

Match 3: 1v1 Smashdown*

Match 4: 1v1 Smashdown*

Match 5: 3v3 Squad Strike

*Characters picked in previous rounds of Smashdown will not be available

All 3 members of each team must participate in at least one of the first 3 matches of the Set. In the Grand Final, matches 1 – 4 will be best of three.

For full details on the ruleset, please refer to the official tournament rules.

Road to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019

Date of local finalCountryWinning team
2nd March 2019Portugal50 Seconds of Moonlight
17th March 2019SwitzerlandSmashed Potatoes
23rd March 2019AustriaTeam Ehre Austria
24th March 2019NetherlandsTriple SSS
30th March 2019GermanyTeam Ehre Germany
30th March 2019FranceGuezmer
30th March 2019RussiaYe Olde Guard
7th April 2019BelgiumTBD
7th April 2019SpainTBD
13th April 2019NordicsTBD
13th April 2019ItalyTBD
20th April 2019UK & IrelandTBD

European teams will represent at the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 in L.A.

French team Alliance Rogue recently triumphed against fierce competition in the Splatoon 2 European Championship to earn the honour of representing Europe at the World Championships, which will take place in Los Angeles on 8th June. And once the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 finals in Amsterdam have concluded on 5th May, Alliance Rogue will be joined by their European Super Smash Bros. Ultimate counterparts. Together, both teams will have the chance to bring glory to Europe by emerging triumphant on the world stage.

Source: Nintendo UK

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