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Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Free DLC Characters Revealed

The official Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Twitter account has announced the three free characters which will come in the form of downloadable content. The characters are as follows, Udonna, Dragon Armor Trini, and Cenozoic Blue Ranger and will come with ‘Update 1’. The team says that there will be additional content with this update, so it sounds mighty promising. Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is available right now on the Nintendo Switch system.

6 thoughts on “Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Free DLC Characters Revealed”

  1. Great…more two more Mighty Morphin’ reps. Not like there’s 25 years worth of season/series to choose from

    1. Mighty Morphin is worth a lot of nostalgia bucks. You know they’re going to be milking that a lot. There’s enough potential to make the whole game focused on the Mighty Mornin’ era. This is probably the best middle ground, spotlight older rangers while sprinkling in newer ones alongside them. I stopped watching after In Space, so I don’t know anything about Udonna, but I’ll admit she has cool looking armor.

      1. Well this game is made to celebrate the 25th anniversary. I’d expect a wider range of representation than literally now 8/12 characters being Mighty Morphin’. This is worse than Smash sword fighters. I understand the amount nostalgia there is for Mighty Morphin’, but a 25th anniversary game should focus on as much of the franchise as possible. Shouldn’t even be that hard. Most of the models are ripped from Legacy Wars, which has a good number of reps to choose from. Still a lot of Mighty Morphin’, but more balanced out with almost every series being represented with 2 reps. Not in this game though. I would kill for a better SPD rep (Kat’s cool, but Shadow Ranger would have been a better rep as he is the police chief), a Dino Thunder rep, and especially a Time Force rep. Definitely three of the best seasons that surpass Mighty Morphin.’ Of course Neo Saban, despite how bad it is, needs some more reps too. It’s cool that we now get a Mystic Force rep with Udonna (and if she’s anything like Legacy war, she’s gonna be broken), but she gets overshadowed by two more Mighty Morphin’ reps.

        I wouldn’t mind as much if it was just some random Power Rangers game, but this is touted as a 25th Anniversary game. Imagine if Sonic Generations was 9 levels long, with 6/9 levels being from Sonic 1? To me, the best thing to have done was get one rep from each series, then add the villains (like Drakon). I hope movie Billy and armored Trini are the last Mighty Morphin’ reps, period. We don’t need anymore. Some cool rangers that would best represent their series are Shadow Ranger (SPD), white Dino Thunder ranger (would have chosen black, but we already have two Tommys), pink Time Force ranger (the leader of the team) or Quantum Ranger (Time Force), Titanium Ranger (Light Speed Rescue), and gold Zeo ranger (we already have Jason, but we need a Zeo rep). Best ones I can think of right now.

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