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A Nintendo-Partnered Hong Kong Retailer Leaflet Says That Nintendo Will Eventually Stop Adding Switch Online NES/Famicom Games

Nintendo has been very quiet on the future of the retro offerings of their Nintendo Switch Online service. Rumors have surfaced of SNES games coming soon, but nothing official as of yet. Well, that may soon change. In Hong Kong, official leaflets for the Nintendo Switch Online launch are being distributed by Nintendo-partnered retail stores. There is “teeny tiny fine print” on the leaflets that confirm that NES and Famicom games will “stop being added to Switch Online after a certain period of time”. A tweet relaying the news is down below.

23 thoughts on “A Nintendo-Partnered Hong Kong Retailer Leaflet Says That Nintendo Will Eventually Stop Adding Switch Online NES/Famicom Games”

  1. This is why i emulate on a single board PC or my desktop.. i have ALL the games from back then, no red tape needed.. no bullcrap..
    If there’s an old game from a developer that’s dead, it’s right there and i can play it.. no red tape.. it’s not lost.
    Companies don’t care about preserving gaming history, only making money off of what ever games they can.
    The movie industry cares a little more about preserving movies more than the games industry cares about preserving games from years gone by.
    While interdependent users have worked hard to preserve the past, Nintendo and other companies did not give a flying fuck to even bother.
    This is why I don’t care for the idea of streaming video games.. i want some kinda way to preserve a game.. at least with downloads it’s possible to preserve those games to an extent.. sadly though, streaming would just be visuals and sounds and controls being streamed.. no actual game data, so future games will be lost.

      1. He may have pirated the games, but nevertheless its the same problem I hear from everyone. The moment the servers go down the games are gone, so in that regard pirating offers a vastly better experience. Nintendo should offer a way of buying the licence to these and tying it to the account, ’cause this app offers no preservation options whatsoever.

  2. I’m okay with this if they switch to adding SNES titles after they’re done with NES titles… otherwise this deserves all the backlash it’s going to get over being a far inferior version of the virtual console.

  3. Well, there’s like 700 NES games. Technically even if they all got released, they’d still “stop being added to Switch Online after a certain period of time”.

      1. I don’t really get the point of SP version.
        A version of the game that has been mostly beaten for you already?
        If it had additional price tag, EA would call it player choice.

  4. Guys, don‘t believe everything you read only without salt. Unless Nintendo says so, it is fake news.

  5. for the peeps that make up the preserving gaming history lol. thieves make up stories all the time that’s what they do that excuse is no different then the walmart has insurance or they wont mis the items. candy from the baby the baby doesnt care thieves are thieves, if you own any games that content belongs to a active company without purchase your a thief. if company doesnt exist anymore and there’s no one that bought the rights have at it but anyone else is a thief. those petty thieves arent the problem but the ones that should be stopped are the sites and traffickers that make money off of the sale of licences games, they are the worse no talent hacks that have to take others content to make a cheap buck. if you want to make a retro service make your own games or pay the owners to do allow u use their licences games otherwise your hurting the industry.

    games cost money to create
    games take alot of time to create
    games take people and staffs

    the cost is weighed when creating a game for every company, the estimate the amount of revenue the game will bring in over a lifetime to justify making a game. if that lifetime is 20 30 40 years it makes it easier to create it and new games. if you cut that short by thief then companies are forced to do things like microtransactions justify the cost which limits the types of games being made and limits the time and effort put into new games.

    that’s why Nintendo out of all of the companies have been hesitant on microtransactions, their company model is a game quality model they count on great games and great IPS continuing to be valuable and bringing money in for decades and threw generations of different players. thievery always hurts every industry false claims that trafficers make up to steal dont mask the true hurt it causes an industry.

  6. Isn’t this a given? Last I checked NES stopped being made ages ago so of course they will have to stop eventually.

  7. They really don’t even need to add all the games of that era.
    I know Nintendo had quality control, but there are still games in the catalog that can just stay forgotten.
    And they probably even can’t secure rights to some of those games. And it would be too expensive to pay every IP holder piece of the pie.
    But they have no reason to release all the Nintendo owned properties. That is what I expect from them for least.

  8. Fortunately, stuff like this has no effect on me. Since I don’t waste my time or money on digital games. Plus, I own all but 14 (physical) licenced NES games (which my background proves), so I can just play my real cartridges if I want. But I only have around half of the Super NES library. The only benefit to having them on the Switch is being able to play them portably.

  9. So… Nintendo won’t be adding NES games until the end of time? Even if they don’t add every single NES game, there are still another year at least of titles that they can put out regularly. And then when they add SNES games (bet you anything that they will release during the E3 presentation) they will have many more games to release until they announce the N64 games.

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