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Japan: New Advert For Fire Emblem: Three Houses On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has produced a snazzy new 30 second commercial for their upcoming strategy title Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While there isn’t much footage of the long-awaited Nintendo Switch game, I assume that the main purpose of this advert is to not only highlight that the next Fire Emblem is coming to Switch, but also to show that the Nintendo Switch can be used as a dedicated handheld, if consumers wish. As we all know, Japanese gamers love playing games on handheld devices, whether it be on their phone or the Switch. Take a watch down below!

13 thoughts on “Japan: New Advert For Fire Emblem: Three Houses On Nintendo Switch”

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    It’s nice to see another Three Houses footage.

    I feel like ever since Fire Emblem became a major IP, people have been so enthusiastic about it.

    FE fans will find themselves wanting to see more of the game.

    This will be a major comeback for FE on console.

    What a hype!

    1. People have always been enthusiastic about it. Back in 2004 I can only remember a handful of people playing the 7th installment with such passion. That passion has only become more mainstream with the series growth, but it also has brought up a divide between the “new” and “old” players of the series.

      1. Exactly, my first game was Shadow Dragon and I’m going to be honest, it was horrible. No particular mechanics that let it stand out, no real characters and the maps were just plain.
        I feel like Fire Emblem has started to bloom after Awakening and I gotta be honest, that’s what really got me invested.
        Noted, I played Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword before that but it didn’t really hit with me.
        Only after I played Awakening I replayed all the older games and Sacred Stones is by far (imho) the best.
        Additionally I really hate the “older veteran players” picking on the “newer players”.
        It’s like Dark Souls, you can’t have harmony in the fanbase…

        1. I feel the challange has disappeared a little, and the focus is more and more on relationship between the characters, and the new games seems to take this to new heights. Echoes was good in my opinion, made it difficult in the right way. As long as they keep that up, and don’t mess up the story like they did with Fates, I’m okey with it. As long as it draws a bigger crowd and more people can enjoy one of the best series ever — I’m happy.
          And yeah, Shadow Dragon is bad.

          1. Agreed, although the support system always had a big role in Fire Emblem in the older games.
            I also gotta agree with the challenge apart from Awakening Lunatic and Lunatic+ – that just sucks ass and requires RNG and personal skills and no tactics.
            Lastly, Echoes was… alright – I loved it at the beginning but I feel like it has no replay-value. What Echoes did amazing though was the music and the godlike voice acting (I loved Berkut, Rudolf, Lukas and Gray’s voice actors)

            1. Echoes did mostly everything right and the presentation was nothing less of perfection (Berkut and Rudolf were both SO awesome). Replay-value was reduced compared to other games and the season pass was borderline scam. But I prefer a better one-time experience rather than a decent experience with replay-value. And Echoes delivered that excellently.

              1. Exactly.
                That’s why I want Three Houses to turn out as amazing as Echoes.
                However as I see it right now, it’s going to confine me in a school, I have to choose once again a noble houses I want to represent / teach and so far there’s no indication on voice acting, right – Also it seems that Three Houses has actual replay-value considering there are “real” routes to choose from, not the fates disaster-like routes, and many characters. I also hope that supports make a return, heck I don’t even give two shits if you can marry units and/or have children. But PLEASE – don’t make up some shit like the Deeprealms like in Fates, bind them into the story, no – Just let it make sense.
                Also I hope the game has a time skip-like story where you first teach your students, the war erupts, you get scattered and then have to scrape them off in the battlefield left and right after like 5 years…

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