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God Eater 3 Coming To Nintendo Switch 12th July

Bandai Namco has confirmed today that God Eater 3, which launched in February on the PlayStation 4 here in the west, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. The action-packed game will be arriving on Nintendo’s latest system on 12th June and if you pre-order it you can get a download code for costumes and styles themed after Yuri and Estelle from Tales of Vesperia.

Now you can defeat the Ash Aragami anytime and anywhere with the #NintendoSwitch version of #GODEATER3! Devour Aragami in co-op multiplayer battles or play with up to 8 players online! GOD EATER 3 comes to Nintendo Switch on July 12th, 2019.


  1. Yo, no way !
    I only heard good things about this game – for once I’m actually really excited for a port !
    Will get this day 1 and try out the online service !
    If anyone wants to play this together – or for the sake of it
    My Friend Code is: SW-5770-3159-1125 – Just add me and we can clear the game together ( If exchanging friend codes is against the ToS on this site – I’m sorry for being that clueless )

    1. oh jesesus i like your post :-)
      youre realy excited about it and make curious :-) i dont know this game and gone check this out… thats cause you make me… makes me excited abou it.
      ps: is this a bew game or a port from old game like 2-3 years before on other plattform released?

      1. It was relased february this year and it’s something like Monster Hunter just more anime .
        I also really love the artstyle of this game – never player it but seen some gameplay of it !
        It was also released on PC and PS4

    2. Kinda wish Toukiden would release on the switch, it’s similar to GE series but more focused on Japanese lore like hunting Oni.

      1. There is english Audio in the game, it is selected whenever you start a save and defaultly is Japanese but can be changed to english (at least on PS4 so I’d imagine same for switch)

  2. Yes, yes, yes! It’s about time! I thought they would bring it over eventually. With the update yesterday I was hoping it would be soon!

  3. _

    This is great news!

    God Eater 3 on the Nintendo Switch is a dream come true.

    When this ARPG came out on PS4 and PC, I really wished for it to be also a handheld game.

    I guess I’m getting my wish granted then.

    Hats off to BANDAI NAMCO.

  4. It may be a budget Monster Hunter, but it’s a cool series and always belonged on handhelds (previous entries on PSP and Vita). Happy to see it on Switch.

  5. Nintendo Switch, the best gaming console after the 3DS. Sell your Xboxones, with their ridiculous exclusives. Thanks gamers for making this happen.


    1. Yes they’re standalone games. 1st game has 2 expansions added into it. So about 3 stories in it.
      2nd game has one expansion, so 2 stories in it but alot more missions than the 1st game.
      U can get them on PC or PS. Sucks tht the 1st 2 arent coming to Switch. (unless they reveal they will closer to release of GE3, which I highly doubt)

  6. I’m really tempted to buy it a 2nd time. (hav it on PC) If its 60fps, its a day 1 buy; if not then Ill wait till sale or if I really want it on my system.

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