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Our World is Ended trailer reveals the Judgement 7

The crew at PQube Games have unleashed a new trailer for the upcoming visual novel Our World is Ended which is destined for the Nintendo Switch eShop on 18th April in both North America and Europe, which is next Thursday. The newly released trailer focusses on the game’s Judgement 7 who are seven unique developers who manage to bring characters and creatures from previous games to life, which could cause huge problems.

A new masterpiece of narrative visual novel storytelling. Meet the Judgement 7 team, outlandish developers working from their Asakusa office. On a summer’s day their AR headset let them catch a glimpse of Tokyo in ruins. Could it really be the end of the world?

1 thought on “Our World is Ended trailer reveals the Judgement 7”

  1. Not the biggest fan of big the cat

    If it has what I liked about senran kagura and gal gun, i’ll download it on nintendo switch in North America.

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