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Capcom Announces Capcom Home Arcade System Coming 25th October For £199.99

The big reveal Capcom was teasing video game fans with yesterday was revealed earlier today and it is the Capcom Home Arcade. The HD system comes loaded with 16 fighting classics and is set to launch on 25th October. Here are the details along with the games included and a sneak-peek at the system which retails for £199.99 here in the UK.

  • Emulation provided by FB Alpha
  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT sticks with 8-way GT-Y directional gates and OBSF buttons
  • Onboard WiFi for Leaderboards
  • Micro USB powered, only HDMI out support.


17 thoughts on “Capcom Announces Capcom Home Arcade System Coming 25th October For £199.99”

  1. Aliens vs Predator? Im in.

    But AUGHHHHHHHHHHH Progear gets on but no Dimahoo????

    Hopefully this becomes a full line they keep making more versions of.

  2. It’s kind of cool but the price is ridiculous for me. Would probably only play them briefly so to pay £200 for that is no value. It’s a bit of an odd design as well to be honest.

  3. So 199.99 euros which translate to $225. For just 16 games when Nintendo and Playstation and Sega are putting more games for less

    1. Yeah, I was thinking it was a full arcade cabinet as well. Even if I had the money, I’d never buy this, Because I’m not a fan of arcade joysticks. I had the Street Fighter II arcade joystick for the SNES back in the day and hated it. So I took it back to the store and got a refund. I can’t pull off moves properly on arcade joysticks. I’ll take a D-Pad any day.

      1. Hold up, so you’re saying cause you had an arcade stick in the SNES era, that you have always hated arcade sticks ever since? You do know that times change right? SNES sticks were always terrible lol.

  4. I’m not sure you entitled babies understand how much arcade sticks cost alone and saying that you’d buy it if it were “a whole arcade cabinet” is even more deluded. Those things are THOUSANDS of pounds for a full cabinet or SEVERAL HUNDRED for even the little bartop ones. Get your heads out of the arse and learn to look-up how much things cost before you spout your mouth off.

  5. @ xxwalboroxx,
    I couldn’t reply directly to the earlier comment for some reason, so here it is now. Just because the Super NES Street Fighter II arcade joystick is the only thing I mentioned earlier doesn’t mean that’s the only experience I have with arcade joysticks. I feel the same way about ALL arcade joysticks (the real arcades). I was never able to pull off moves as good on real arcades as I could on home consoles with a standard D-Pad. I got lucky playing Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 (arcades) and was able to do some fatality moves, but it’s never as easy with those sticks. So this is why I’ve never liked arcade joysticks. Even those simple plug & play controllers with the joysticks are a bit frustrating and awkward.

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