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Polygon: The Top 30 Greatest Game Boy Games

This year, the Game Boy will be 30 years old. To celebrate the handheld’s anniversary, Polygon has compiled a list of what they feel is the top 30 greatest games to release on the Game Boy. In some cases, the team decided that an entire game series should count as a single entity on the chart. For example, the Super Mario Land games are all situated at #10. The full list can be seen down below.

30. X
29. Trip World
28. Game Boy Wars/Turbo
27. The Sword Of Hope (Series)
26. Chalvo 55
25. Avenging Spirit
24. Harvest Moon GB
23. Cave Noire
22. Kid Dracula
21. Space Invaders
20. Metroid II: Return Of Samus
19. Mole Mania
18. Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge
17. Gargoyle’s Quest
16. Heiankyo Alien
15. Final Fantasy Adventure
14. Mega Man 5
13. Bionic Commando
12. Balloon Kid
11. Game Boy Gallery (Series)
10. Super Mario Land (Series)
9. Mario’s Picross (Series)
8. Kirby’s Dream Land (Series)
7. The Final Fantasy Legend (Series)
6. Tetris
5. The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
4. Wario Land (Series)
3. Pokémon (Series)
2. Game Boy Camera
1. Donkey Kong

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7 thoughts on “Polygon: The Top 30 Greatest Game Boy Games”

  1. Game Boy Camera is high up there as well for me. Probably one of the most played games on the system for me. Link’s Awakening is my favourite Zelda as well + Wario Land II and III. Ahh, the memories…

  2. Donkey Kong is good, don’t get me wrong, I grew up playing it but… it’s not THAT good, not better-than-Pokemon good, not better-than-Link’s-Awakening good. I mean, it’s GOOD it deserves to be on this list in the top ten but it’s not NUMBER ONE good. That’s just so… odd.

  3. Ok Ok now is time for original gameboy retro console. But Please nintendo, this time give all good gb games in, no Only some..

  4. Surprised to see Heiankyo Alien on here, was the first GB game I ever got along with Kid Icarus: Of Myths & Monsters.

    Balloon Kid, Cave Noire and Mole Mania are all great classics as well.

  5. Not entirely sure about GB Camera at #2, but definitely glad to see X on the list. One of the greatest soundtracks of a GB game, a shame it wasn’t released in the US.

  6. Didn’t play many GB/GBC games… Perfect Dark and Metal Hear Solid were good on there… But I guess they aren’t classics like the games mentioned here.

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