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Nintendo Poll Finds That Scorpion Is More Popular Than Sub-Zero

As an engaging way to promote the upcoming Nintendo Switch version Mortal Kombat 11, Nintendo of America created a poll asking fans whether they prefer Scorpion or Sub-Zero. After tallying a total of 53,857 votes, the final results have found that the former fighter is slightly more popular – with 52 percent of all the votes. Who do you choose between the two? I’ve personally always been a fan of Sub-Zero. Either way, Mortal Kombat 11 is launching this Tuesday, April 23.


  1. I always thought Sub-Zero was more popular. Huh. Ever since I was a kid, I always liked Scorpion more than Sub-Zero, especially because I sympathized with him and his lore.


    1. Sub-Zero was definitely more popular, but as MK faded into obscurity only the “GET OVER HERE” memes lived on.
      Hoping MK11 will remedy this.


      1. MKX sold almost 11 million copies so I wouldn’t call it obscure. It regularly out sales Street Fighter but I will admit Mortal Kombat games usually die off in about 6 months though. I personally haven’t played MK since 2 on Snes though lol 😅


  2. Just looked it up. According to Google, Scorpion is indeed the franchise’s mascot. I think they chose him for that role BECAUSE of the fact he tends to be the most popular character.


  3. I like sub zero better but either scorpion or sub zero would be great dlc for smash ultimate. They appeared in a game before that is not rated M. On another note, I hate Jax’s ending on Mortal Kombat 11.


    1. He did. Scorpion was even one of the boss battles if I remember correctly in said game. I don’t think it did too well, though. (I could be wrong.)


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