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Nintendo Switch Online, Excluding Trial Users, Now Has 9,800,000 Accounts, 2,800,000 Accounts Have Played Tetris 99

We’ve gotten our first noteworthy news from Nintendo’s latest financial briefing, which is currently going on right now. Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa has announced that, excluding trial users, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service now has 9,800,000 accounts. As for Tetris 99, Furukawa says that 2,800,000 accounts have played the game.


16 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online, Excluding Trial Users, Now Has 9,800,000 Accounts, 2,800,000 Accounts Have Played Tetris 99”

      1. But if you had Switch online would you at least try it? Story says 9 million plus have Switch online not including trial accounts yet only 2 million tried Tetris so I’m kinda surprised cuz it’s “free” with subscription so I just thought more people would try it since it’s there for them.

          1. Lol to your point, just cuz something is free doesn’t mean you have to play it. Like I downloaded most of the free to play games (arena of valor, paladins, Fortnite) but I don’t think I ever play them 😅. Tetris too. It was a fun romp the first day but really haven’t gone back lol. Smash Bros and Dragalia Lost taking most of my time 😋

            1. I don’t get “lol to your point”. What did I say? I just stated I didn’t have a chance to actually play it since I don’t have Switch Online, and even if I had I wouldn’t probably play it anyway.
              You’re talking about I should just download F2P games to have them in my library?

              1. No no… I think I’m coming across wrong or misunderstanding you somehow. I just meant that here I am saying why people haven’t played Tetris since it’s free and worth a try.. but then I look at my Switch and I have all the F2P games that I don’t even play lol. So moral of my story is just because something is free doesn’t mean you have to download it if you are never going to play it.

                I think that lol to your point should have looked more like this. “ Lol. To your point …….blah blah blah (can’t remember what I said). “

                I think I lol’d because you said you say your friend play it but you realized it wasn’t for you…so I just chuckled at that 🙂

  1. its like $20 freaking dollars for an entire year, whats so bad about it, ok, not enough games, but it just $20 per year, not per month, its still a good service

  2. I’ll NEVER have an account. To this day, I’ve never played games online, aside from a few times when it was free. I remember playing Animal Crossing City Folk and Mario Kart 8 online (must have been free). A few online races in Mario Kart 8 and I was fed up with everyone cheating (seriously, they were all driving so fast that they must have been cheating. even with perfect driving I couldn’t catch up), so I never went back.

    On the PS4, I only played a free online trial in Assassin’s Creed Unity, and that was it (man that was weird hearing strange foreign voices speaking in the game from other players). I didn’t see the point. I only mainly care about the single player stuff, and the stories etc. This is why I can’t understand why everyone complains whenever a game has no online features. WHO FREAKIN’ CARES?! Maybe some day I’ll care, but I’m nowhere near caring at the moment. And I think I’m too old to care now.

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