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Head Of Sonic Team Would “Love To Return To Nights”

Head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, was recently asked about a return to the Nights franchise by Lad Bible. Mr. Iizuka told the site that it’s something he would very much like to revisit as Nights is very important to him as it was a big part of his career at Sonic Team.

“So right now, Sonic is my main focus,” he begins. “But at some point, I’d love to return to Nights, as that was such a big part of my career. Sonic is very important to me, but Nights is very important to me, too. I really enjoy the game, so maybe in the future I can bring Nights back to people.”

Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team


19 thoughts on “Head Of Sonic Team Would “Love To Return To Nights””

  1. oh yes… :-)
    but with good controlls.
    the wii version dident work with the nunchuk… it was impossible to make a perfect circle. the same issues with the controller. the problem was the eight ways points.
    the saturn nights controlles was perfect… and x-mas nights… omg :-)

  2. Finally! I just mentioned this game today.

    You can start by releasing NiGHTS into Dreams HD/Christmas NiGHTS on the Switch, as part of SEGA Ages (or at all for that matter).

  3. NiGHTS would be perfect for the Switch, I think Sega wants Nintendo to help pay for the publishing because as we all know it will certainly sell better on the Switch

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    1. The thing is from what I gather given how Sega always seems to make money off of Sonic no matter what the quality of the game is it’s kinda hard for them to just give Sonic a break. Though yeah I also do wish their other IPs get new life. They have so many and it’s sad most have been laying dormant outside of ports and rereleases for years.

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