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Tetris 99 Has Been Updated To Version 1.3.0

Nintendo has released a brand new update for Tetris 99. This puts the game at version 1.3.0. This update adds the DLC content that was announced earlier tonight, but there are also some bug fixes and new features that players can enjoy. Patch notes for the game have been officially released by Nintendo, so we’ve included them for you down below.

  • Functionality
    • Players can now obtain distributed themes.
    • Players can now change themes and player icons.
    • Players can now view records of their most recent ten matches.
  • Added Content
    • CPU Battle Mode and Marathon Mode paid DLC has been added.
      • You can purchase and play this additional content even if you do not have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.
      • For more information about this additional content, please visit
  • General
    • Various issues have been addressed to ensure a comfortable play experience.


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