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The Tetris 99 Big Block DLC Is Now Available & The 3rd Maximus Cup Has Been Announced

Nintendo has tweeted out two Tetris 99 announcements tonight. Nintendo says that you can now get the Tetris 99 Big Block DLC in the Switch eShop for $9.99. The DLC adds 2 offline modes, Marathon and CPU Battle. Not long after this was announced, Nintendo confimed that the 3rd Maximus Cup will be taking place starting on May 17th. This one will be special, because Nintendo is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Tetris. Everyone that earns 100 event points will get an in-game theme that is inspired by the Game Boy original. Both announcement tweets are down below.

7 thoughts on “The Tetris 99 Big Block DLC Is Now Available & The 3rd Maximus Cup Has Been Announced”

  1. I feel like this is overpriced a little bit

    Like how about giving people who already got the game and paid for online like $2-$3 and then people who haven’t bought it pays $5

  2. I’m confused with the points they mention. They only have one game mode which I don’t believe has points. Is this referring to the new offline game modes we have to purchase? This seems poorly advertised. Maybe I’m dumb, but what am I missing?

    1. The points are event-exclusive- while one’s going on, you get more points depending on how high you place in a game. I think you get a few more if you make a lot of KOs but I don’t know that for sure. Whichever players have the most accumulated points at the end of the event win.

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