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Video: GameXplain’s Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Analysis – Online, Maker Profile & Multiplayer

People are still searching through all the new Super Mario Maker 2 news for any interesting bits that may have been missed, including GameXplain. The team have been uploading a series of analysis videos to discuss any secrets and easter eggs that can be found in the Mario Maker 2 Direct, including versions of the Direct from other regions. The latest talks about online, your Maker Profile and Multiplayer. There is apparently some evidence that local multiplayer may be a thing in the game. You can see the video for yourself down below.


  1. Wasn’t there also talk about online multiplayer? Can’t watch the video since I’m on the Bus to work

    1. we all know that there’s online multiplayer, we just don’t know if there’s local multiplayer

      1. Yeah, I apologize. As I said I was on the bus to work so I couldn’t watch it – was also tired as shit

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