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Pokemon Developer Game Freak Prioritising New Original Projects

In a recent interview with Video Game Chronicle Pokémon game series developer Game Freak has stated that the company is currently prioritising new original projects over the Pokémon franchise. It stands to reason that some of the developers need a break from the beloved series, so those developers are working on other projects and can return to the Pokémon series with new eyes. This move also helps to keep the series fresh as the teams learn new skills.

“There are two different production teams here, simply named Production Team 1 and Production Team 2,” Onoue explained. “Team 1 is fully dedicated to Gear Project, while Team 2 is for the Pokémon operation.”

“What that means is that Game Freak as a company is prioritising Gear Project, which is production team number one, more than Pokémon in general. We are always trying to create something that is equally exciting, or more exciting than Pokémon.
“There is a lot of back-and-forth between Team 1 and Team 2,” he added. “One of the interesting things is that Team 2, which is dedicated to Pokémon, only knows about specific platforms.
“So with Team 2, engineers can learn about other platforms that they might not have touched before. By mixing up the teams we are able to create this interesting synergy.”

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  1. “What that means is that Game Freak as a company is prioritising Gear Project, which is production team number one, more than Pokémon in general. We are always trying to create something that is equally exciting, or more exciting than Pokémon.

    Yeah and it will stay as “trying”, you don’t see anyone excited for TOWN or GIGA WRECKER…

    Honestly, I feel like they should add a Team 3 that focuses on Pokémon Spin-Offs.

    We had Mystery Dungeon, we had Pokémon Conquest ( I wouldn’t mind a part two or a remaster of that game tbh since it never came to us ), we had Ranger, Battle Colloseum etc. We had many Spin-Offs that were even more popular than the main games at the time. I would REALLY love to see a Pokémon turn-based RPG like Digimon, a new Pokémon Rumble (had fun with that game), a new Ranger would be difficult for the Switch since no-one likes to use the Touchscreen on that but i’d be neat-o.

    Also unpopular opinion and not GAME FREAK related. I actually want another Spectrobes game, I had a lot of fun with the DS titles and wouldn’t mind seeinga new one.

    1. Yeah I wish they’d do more of the spin offs outside mobile, I feel they are actuall really important to the series in terms of establishing and renewing a sense of wonder with the pokemon world and brand as a whole that is really important to how people experience and their excitement towards the main games.

      1. They and really even other monster franchises though nintendo controls that aspect less, can also help satiate fans, reduce the feeling of repetition, and reduce expectations for the games to hit on all the aspects people want in the game and frustrations if they don’t. Between lack of true spin offs besides apps, some hardcore fans dissapointement with sun and moon , follower by ultra, followed by lets go, as well as people expecting them to step it up being on console especially after lets go as a test run, and nintendo in general haing played a lot of cards early on with switch at e3 a few years back with stuff that has often been well pushed back, people’ve gotten qutie impatient and raised their expectations quite high.

      2. Exactly! While I didn’t mind Pokémon games, they do get tedious from time to time – I remember I got really burnt out from Platinum, Heart Gold and Black version so I wanted something else – Afterwards I found Ranger (which always had a really neat story) and Mystery Dungeon (Dude the Primal Dialga theme is nostalgic as shit).
        They made me love the series even more !

      3. Also to your other post, while I personally really enjoyed Sun and Moon for their creativity in trials, it was a very dumb move from Game Freak to release USUM and Let’s Go back to back – while I understand with “Ultra” being the last game on the 3DS and wanting to make the ultimate experience and don’t get me wrong I still get chills from fighting Ultra Necrozma and all the bosses in the post game it still is just a “extended” version of the game.
        Also I also expected a Gen 1 remake for the switch since Giovanni said that we will meet him soon again and the Switch being a new “start” to Pokémon I actually didn’t enjoy Let’s Go. Most likely because I’m not an ape that likes to swing my arms around to catch pokémon.
        Also, the game was way too short, only having 60 TMs, such a low movepool and a low choice of pokémons in the game, making competitive nearly impossible thanks to the password systems (bring back the PSS dude, it was amazing !) is a huge downgrade from Ultra sun and moon…

      4. I think i see where your going there. Yes, i will like when they do more spinoffs for this series. The series is still in good shape and the slogan is still being used as of today and its important to the company.

      5. I agree, spinoffs are very important! Generations 3 and 4 were my favorite generations partially because of all the great spinoffs we had on top of the great mainline games. I feel myself slowly losing interest in the games ever since gen 5, and I feel like that’s mostly due to not having very many spinoff games that I enjoy.

    2. Game Freak doesn’t make the spin offs, they didn’t even make the Console games. But this does mean that main Pokemon games will be more spaced, as before they had Team 1 and Team 2 focus on their own Pokemon games. it’s why sometimes things appeared in Team 1 games, but Team 2 couldn’t get them Optimized quick enough to include In their games. Such as HG/SS following Pokemon didn’t get finished for B/W.

      1. Which is why I meant that they’d need a Team 3 for that so they can get experience in working on other categories of games since they’re clearly tired of Pokémon

    3. I was playing the Wii version again just a few weeks a go, and all year last year I was playing Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memories on my Vita. It is great games! Pokémon should write does down.

    4. “you don’t see anyone excited for TOWN”
      That’s not really fair. They showed a 30s clip in a 40min Direct, with no news in 8 months. It’s expected people will forget.

      They also didn’t make Pokemon with the goal of it becoming an empire. The CEO of TPC thought Gold/Silver were going to be the end of it. So you can’t compare every game they make as if it’s supposed to turn into a conglomerate. It’s better to create small or mid-tier ambitious games more frequently and see if anything sticks. Because you can’t really control what becomes popular.

      As far as spin-offs go, they don’t need to do it themselves. Leave it to studios with experience in those areas. They just need to license it out, but for whatever reason haven’t really bothered for some time besides Pokken Tournament (not counting mobile games).

      1. They also made the same thing with Astral Chain and you still see people talking about it.

        Also, that excuse with the “success of pokémon” can’t even be said anymore, G/S are 18 years in the past…

    5. Astral Chain got a full 2 minute trailer, not a 30s teaser. And people are talking about it because Nintendo’s actually promoting it. They mention it now and again on Twitter, show off screenshots, box art, GIFs/videos, it’s on the Switch Game Vouchers list and it has a release date. Town only got a tweet when it was announced and has been radio silent since, of course there’s no buzz around it. Once they have a full trailer and we have a release date/window people will start talking about it.

      The point I was making about G/S is that you’re looking down upon anything new they make because they don’t have a pay-off anywhere near the size of Pokemon. But it’s unreasonable to compare new IP to something already established. I don’t know the sales numbers but I’m sure their other games have been at least moderate successes. And to be fair, Town as far as I’m aware, is the first big game from them outside of Pokemon. The new IP they’ve made have all been digital games so ya, they’re going to get less marketing and by-extension less sales/buzz. Because they weren’t made to be AAA games.

  2. Personally, I’m tired of Pokemon and want a new monster/robot collecting RPG that does some similar things but also changes things up a bit.

    1. I never really got into mecha games but I agree on the new monsters thing – which is why I want a new Spectrobes for the Switch – also, you can look out for Digimon Survive and look up a trailer of World of Final Fantasy Maxima – you might like it

      1. Yeah, looking forward to Survive! Digimon games in general have been pretty awesome of late, except from New Order *shudders*. A new Digimon Story is also on it’s way. Thanks for the tip about Maxima! Will check it out.

  3. So what does this mean? Are Sword and Shield the only main games we’re getting for gen 8? I hope they get other developers to make spinoffs because gen 7 seemed to not have very many.

  4. This is very good. Some of GameFreak’s best stuff has been non-Pokemon related. God I hope a revival of Drill Dozer is in the cards or maybe even Pulseman.

  5. So Half Effort Pokemon games, Sword and Shield look like High Resolution 3DS Games, Switch games should not look like they could run on a 3DS System

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