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DC Universe Online Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer

The massive online game DC Universe Online has been confirmed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. It launched a few years back on the Sony PlayStation 4 and is destined to land on the Switch in the next few months. Here’s a teaser trailer for the game!


  1. Pbbbt!!!

    Good luck trying to come up with names for your custom hero(es).
    In all seriousness; I tried this game once, and everytime I try to make a new character and come up with a name for them it says “that name has already been taken”.

    Its naming system is Bull****.

    1. Switch will have its own brand new server so all the names will be available, apart from ones that are copyrighted like Batman, Superman etc.

  2. I’ve been playing DCUO since the day it released and I am beyond excited to be able to bring it on the go! It’s a pity I can’t use my PC characters but it’ll be a fun little time waster whenever I can’t play on my regular account.

  3. That’s neat. I tried the game before, but I got stuck at some point. I would try it on the Switch, but I’m sure it has outdated content (such as Batgirl not being Barbra Gordon or Wally West not using his rebirth design). Now if Final Fantasy XI was on the Switch, I would be interested.

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