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GameStop Has Added 21 Nintendo Switch SKUs

It is that time of the year again. E3 2019 is about a week away, so retailers are getting ready by updating their databases with “stock keeping units”, or SKUs for short, for games that haven’t been announced yet. A similar event happened just before last E3, when 10+ Switch SKUs had been discovered in the same database. This year, however, that number has doubled. 21 Switch SKUs have been found. One of them has a price tag of $200, another thing that didn’t happen last year. As for Luigi’s Mansion 3, Link’s Awakening and Animal Crossing Switch, these games already have listings with their names on them. All of these 21 SKUs are unannounced games. A tweet relaying the news is down below.


    1. I’m just expecting updates on currently announced games, since I have such a huge backlog of games that I kinda don’t even want new announcements since I’m already overwhelmed with games!!

    1. Thinking about it, probably a Mario maker console bundle, but then thatโ€™s too cheap.

      1. Yeah but Nintendo has already stated that they have no intention for bringing the sockless switch to the states. ๐Ÿ˜ช

      2. That is SKU #26 which is just switch games if it was SKU #02 that would be systems. At that price point I almost want to say it might be a switch version of the call of duty collectors edition they announced the other day.

  1. This is really nothing new. Most of them have a release date of late this year and many of them for Dec 31st. This is not new news.

  2. What if the 200$ was all the Pokemon Games in one collection? (I certainly hope not…)

  3. Even though that 200$ SKU is within the “Software” category, the data is all in very BETA placements, so the 200SKU could very well be some sort of new hardware SKU. Maybe just a single console with nothing but a replacement tablet, the tablet would still be compatible with normal accessories and could contain new features/upgrades and whatnot. :P

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