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Nintendo Has Confirmed That The E3 2019 Direct Will Be “Around 40 Minutes”

The NicoNicoLive page’s information was true. Nintendo has officially confirmed that the company’s E3 2019 Direct, which is slated to take place at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern, will be around 40 minutes long. Unsurprisingly, the focus will be about Switch games releasing this year. You can see Nintendo’s official tweet for yourself down below.

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Confirmed That The E3 2019 Direct Will Be “Around 40 Minutes””

  1. I hope a lot of the games we know about are more in depth with the tree house and that the 40mins of e3 direct are not TOO much of what’s releasing this year, but more beyond.

    1. Like 2017, which was 27 minutes and still absolutely packed. People may think this sounds short, but like 30 minutes of the Microsoft conference was people on stage talking about how “Video games are the lifeblood of the world tree that inspire us to evolve as a species blah blah blah” and another 30 was like cinematic trailers. Nintendo just doesn’t waste time like that. For them, 40 minutes is a long presentation. Plus, Mario Maker and Pokemon will probably only take up a few minutes since they blew out both in directs.

      1. Brad10do, don’t they always pull something out of their (fill in the blank)? If their is one thing that Nintendo’s Directs are known for, it’s “one more thing”ing the end of the presentation.

      2. Less than a second per game. My maths is bad.

        Upcoming games, I want loads of info on links awakening. This game looks pretty awesome

    2. I learned not to have super high expectations when it comes to Nintendo at e3. The tweet by Nintendo says “focusing on games releasing in 2019.”

      I take that to mean a new trailer/ release date/ information on Luigi’s mansion 3, animal crossing, Mario maker, 3 houses, and Pokémon. Also the new smash dlc character.

      Maybe there will be a new surprise, but I’m not expecting it. I also won’t be surprised if a lot of it is animal crossing focused, since that’s their biggest powerhouse coming out in 2019.

      Expecting mk9 , prime remaster, etc. is just setting oneself up for disappoint. If they show it, great. But whatever they show, I should be happy.

      1. @PrimeRidley,
        I agree with that first part. NEVER have super high expectations with Nintendo Directs. I have been SO burned and tortured with un-satisfaction and letdowns beyond belief with Nintendo Directs. Like that year I thought Nintendo was going to drop the BOMB and reveal something amazing, then all we got was them talking about the mediocre NintendoLand almost the entire time. Ugh! I don’t think that was a Direct though.

    3. Grundy here is nervous I say, the possibility of Banjo coming back could make my day. Tomorrow at noon I will find out or the ones who’s who lied will look like baboons. Now I must go and come back on the 11th, and don’t make me cast a spell and put you in heaven.

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