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Nintendo: Animal Crossing: New Horizons & Pocket Camp “Won’t Have Any Sort Of Direct Connectivity, But There Are Already Collaboration Items Being Planned”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the next Animal Crossing game in the series, received a full reveal in Nintendo’s E3 Direct. Since then, the dev team have been at the show floor to show off the game and take part in interviews. For example, Nintendo’s Aya Kyogoku and Hisashi Nogami spoke to IGN at E3 to talk about the game. At one point, connectivity with Pocket Camp was discussed. Kyogoku says that “we want to make sure to separate the gameplay because we feel they’re two different types of games. Though they won’t have any sort of direct connectivity, there are already collaboration items being planned for the two games”.



  1. As long as all these items they’re introducing in it are in New Horizons I’m content. There’s so many cute new sets in Pocket Camp that NEED to exist in New Horizons!

    1. Please do I really don’t like that game tbh its just too many requirements just to unlock villagers, furniture takes too long to make, the pay2win factor is pretty heavy ingame (no wonder europe is getting rid of it)

      1. You really think so? I’ve been playing the game since launch nearly every day and I haven’t felt the need to buy currency even once so far. In my opinion, it does a far better job at allowing people enjoy the game without having to spend any money than a lot of other games, even Nintendo’s own ones like Fire Emblem Heroes.
        The way I see it, the game provides you with a whole lot of Leaf Tickets, which are sufficient even for people who do not want to spend any money on it, unless you waste them left and right for shit like building furniture.
        But yeah, don’t get me wrong, the game definitely does have its flaws. I just don’t think pay2win is one of them, in my opinion it’s very far from being that.

    1. I really don’t see that since pocket camp looks the same like new leaf but with updated textures, if anything the models look like they were taken from amiibo festival and were updated and texured more

    2. No, no they don’t. I understand the whole farm for crafting materials thing is PC esque, but even that’s generous. The second we saw that crafting was instant and didn’t have a set time, everyone should’ve put that worry to rest. New Horizons isn’t even close to PC, in visuals or otherwise

  2. Aw, that’s a bit disappointing. I’m positive they mentioned connectivity a while back, so I guess they lied or got ahead of themselves or are not ready to implement the feature yet. I actually progressed pretty far into the game and had in-mind that statement Nintendo said… Now it could all be for nothing. I don’t see the harm in having at least a little bit of connectivity, maybe Nintendo can have a small feature where you can port over ACPC items into ACNH, but the player can only do so a couple times a day. It just seems like a waste in general to not have any sort of connectivity… ;(

  3. I’m a huge Animal Crossing fan and still play New Leaf on my 3DS but I just don’t like Pocket Camp. Hearing ACNH is not out until 2020 was the worst news out of E3 for me.

  4. I’m not a big fan of Pocket Camp’s general gameplay, and I know people would throw a fit if items from Fortune Cookies (lootboxes) were transferable to AC New Horizons, but at the same time, there are a TON of amazing looking items that have come from these Fortune Cookies, as well as event items, and it’d be a pretty big hit to not have them in the game.

    The best non-paid feature of Pocket Camp is the regular events, especially for holidays as they introduce new holiday items every year. It’d be awesome to have new spooky items to decorate my town with every year instead of this heavily restrictive box they call a campsite.

    It’d be really awesome if regular events or at least new holiday events every year made their way into New Horizons. I especially like the ability to get event items throughout the holiday’s month instead of on the holiday itself. I mean really, who decorates their yard on Halloween itself and not a few weeks before?

    I think it’d be fair to have a year or 2 of online Holiday Events for free, then continue releasing new content as online events after that, but include it in some sort of Premium Nintendo Online service, or just an Animal Crossing specific content subscription.

    I’d pay $20 a year in a heartbeat if it meant I get a bunch of fortune cookies worth of high quality items obtainable in game through crafting and some new event items every Holiday, even if that $20 was only for Animal Crossing. Anything is better than having to wait until a new game comes out for some new items >.<

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