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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics’ Devs Worked Closely With Netflix & The Jim Henson Company To Capture Look And Feel Of Puppets

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics was one of the surprising announcements during this year’s Nintendo E3 Direct. As the Nintendo E3 Treehouse stream wraps up for this year, Dark Crystal fans were given the opportunity to see some exclusive gameplay from the upcoming Nintendo Switch game.

The Dark Crystal’s world of Thra is brought to life by developers Bonus XP. According to the stream, the devs have been working closely with The Jim Henson Company and Netflix to recreate the exact look and feel of the highly anticipated TV series by visiting their workshops on set, giving them a real sense of scale with the puppets. By using this information, they could change how the characters were used within the tactical turn-based game to remain faithful to the original source material.

Bonus XP discussed at length what fans could expect from The Dark Crystal. For example, upwards of 20 different characters can be recruited into your main party, while everything you see in a level is able to be interacted with. There’s also job classes, such as a Guard (Kebben), Healer (Boggi) and Bowmaster (Florette), the latter of which can fly and benefit from being on elevated ground. The command menu also has up to eight different actions, which can be unlocked during gameplay.

When talking about the show and how the game will follow the storyline, Bonus XP were keen to talk about how different the landscape and relationships between the characters are, given that the TV series is set 100 years before the events of the original film. We’re sure Dark Crystal fans will be pleased to see more of the world when the game comes to Switch later this year.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

18 thoughts on “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics’ Devs Worked Closely With Netflix & The Jim Henson Company To Capture Look And Feel Of Puppets”

    1. Yes they should have announced Netflix, makes no sense why they don’t have it especially since they have Hulu. Also I think the Dark Crystal game is a unique and cool idea. It’s not my type of genre, but it looks nice anyway, not sure why the hate towards it.

      1. As it was pointed out, it was a game that, literally, no one asked for, and, literally, no one will care for, since the series itself is just another failed attempt by Netflix to cater to a different audience. Showing Netflix itself running on Switch makes sense. Showing a second game based on a Netflix series while the service itself doesn’t run on it is way too dumb.

        1. If The Jim Henson Company wasn’t involved in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Netflix series, I’d be less inclined to trust Netflix with another property, but they are involved so I will give them a chance; plus the trailer for the series was fucking awesome. Then there is the fact the Castlevania series has been met with good reception. I will admit they failed with the live action Death Note movie, though. (Minus Willem Dafoe’s casting as Ryuk. I also like how they justified Light’s name by mentioning how his mother was a hippie to explain why an American kid would have such an unusual name; it’s definitely the type of name a hippie would give their child.) As for it being a game nobody asked for, that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. There are tons of games that nobody asked for that turned out great. What? Do you think gamers asked for Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc, etc, etc? Oh & I care about this game so the “literally nobody will care about it” thing can’t be literal.

    2. If all we ever got was games that people asked for it would be the same few games recycled over and over. There’s nothing wrong with something different.

      1. Why fix what isn’t broken? Also “different” doesn’t equal “good”. Is there some newfound hate for already established franchises that makes people desperate for anything “new”?

    3. “Worked closely…. to get a sense of scale of the puppets.”

      Then why are the gelflings the size of skeksis in the game?

      1. We’re seeing them from an overhead, angular view. Everything looks the same size once you get high enough in the air. A tall human isn’t gonna be any bigger or smaller than a dwarf human from a certain height.

  1. The Dark Crystal is one of those few movies that I consider one of the best fucking things ever made, so this game is far from a travesty for me. I’m not into these type of games but I’m making an exception for The Dark Crystal. I’d also make exceptions for Labyrinth (with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie) & Legend (with Tim Curry & Tom Cruise), too, if they announced games in genres I don’t particular care for for those movies. Fuck Mario+Rabbids! This is where it’s at!

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