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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Was Originally In Early Development For Wii U

Kotaku caught up with Nintendo’s Yoshihito Ikebata and Kensuke Tanabe to talk about Luigi’s Mansion 3 which is being developed by Next Level Games. The two developers explained to the site that the game was originally in early development for the Wii U system and then the Nintendo Switch. Development commenced shortly after the release of the ill-fated Nintendo 3DS game, Metroid Prime Federation Force.

Luigi’s Mansion has been in development for a while, with early design taking place on the Wii U and development starting in earnest following the completion of Next Level’s multiplayer-centric 2016 3DS game Metroid Prime Federation Force. At E3, Tanabe and Ikebata were heavily pushing two of Luigi’s new moves in the game: a vacuum-powered hop in the air called “burst” and “slam,” the ability to slap a vacuum-tethered ghost around the room and into other ghosts like snapping a wet towel. The slam move was working on the Wii U and seems to be core to making ghost-catching in the game more exciting and satisfying.



  1. It would be better if nintendo took the controls to the new one, but it will take a few years

    1. it helps with 4gb (technically 3 because 1 is for OS) of RAM and having 4 cores instead of 3 cores and 2gb (technically 1 because 1 is used for OS) of RAM, im actually surprised that the Wii U can run Darksiders Warmaster decently, heck im also surprised it runs AC III and IV decently with how little RAM it used.

      1. Wii U had much more RAM than the PS3/X360 and Darksiders is, well, a PS360 game. Sometimes it’s like people forget the PS360 era existed or something when the X360 like 256MB RAM and it ran games the best.

    1. I don’t know where you’re getting your info, but Luigi’s Mansion 2 certainly did not bomb, despite anyone’s personal opinion of the game.

      1. Let’s hope ports of the 1st 2 games are being considered so a trilogy release can be brought out in the future.

    2. Luigi’s Mansion 2 was one of the best selling 3DS titles. It did not bomb at all LMAO

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