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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Info On Cronje, Solon, And Thales

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will soon be available for Nintendo Switch owners to play through as the game is due for release next month. Today, Nintendo has provided three character descriptions for Cronje, Solon, and Thales. You can prepurchase Fire Emblem: Three Houses right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop or you can purchase it physically at your favourite retailer.


A person of the group that people call “Nightcrawlers”. She seems like a cheerful young girl, but her smile exudes child-like cruelty and scorn.


One of the “Nightcrawlers”. As befitting his appearance as an old mage, he uses cunning tactics and techniques.


The central figure of the “Nightcrawlers”. To accomplish a certain plan, he works in the shadows along with Solon and Cronje.

These are the bizarre-looking people of the “Nightcrawlers”. Their true identities are shrouded in mystery.


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  1. The middle guy probably makes the most 5000 IQ plays of the entire game. Big Brain tactics right there.

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