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Digital Foundry Goes Hands-On With A Number Of Big Upcoming Nintendo Games

Nintendo UK recently held an event for the press etc to try out the new upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch and Colette our trusty reviewer attended for us. The Digital Foundry team were there and they’ve taken a technical look at a handful of the games available, which includes titles such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics. If you are unable to watch the video for whatever reason then Reset Era member Passing Assassin has published a summery. Enjoy!

Luigi’s Mansion 3:
– Looks excellent
– Native 1080p in pixel-count, but when it moves it breaks down a bit. It may be due to them using strong temporal anti-aliasing or some kind of reconstruction.
– Image quality is really good for a Switch game.
– 30fps lock, but some frame pacing issues.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
– In spite of how chaotic it can be in multiplayer, it’s very readable and fun to engage with four players.
– 30fps lock, like the previous games.
– Good image quality.
– Dynamic resolution, goes up to 1080p but is sometimes below that.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics:
– Lower than 1080p, but it’s a nice looking game.

New Super Lucky’s Tale:
– Runs at 30fps, vs 60 on Xbox One.
– Seems to be sub 1080p.
– Essentially a softer, worst performer version of the Xbox One game.
– Competent port but nothing outstanding.


6 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Goes Hands-On With A Number Of Big Upcoming Nintendo Games”

  1. I was worried about the initial reveal of ultimate alliance because it didn’t look like much of an upgrade and performance didn’t look too well so I’m happy to see that they came away saying it was polished and performed good. I am more inclined to purchase it now and it has online multiplayer so hopefully that’s as fun as it sounds. Visually I wish it was better but if there’s a good amount of content then I can accept that.

      1. Yeah, disappointed that Crash Team Racing is 30fps anywhere. Luigi’s Mansion 3 also 30fps wasn’t a disappointment, but I kind of hoped it would be 60 even though the other games been 30 in the past. Fire Emblem runs at 30 as well, but that’s one of the genres that’s do not need it, but it still would be cool though. Pokemon does seems like 30 as well, but could be the streams.

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