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Latest EDGE Review Scores

The latest edition of revered UK video gaming magazine EDGE is with subscribers, and once again, the review scores are bound to cause discussion. This month’s edition of the magazine contains reviews for big titles such as Team Sonic Racing and Judgment for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Take a look how those games and more fared this week:

  • Judgment – 6
  • Observation – 8
  • Rage 2 – 6
  • Void Bastards – 8
  • Team Sonic Racing – 6
  • Outer Wilds – 9
  • Blood and Truth – 8
  • Astrologaster – 8
  • Shakedown Hawaii – 7



    1. Oh yeah! That’s the game I watched Ohmwrecker/Maskedgamer play once. It looks interesting enough. And it looks like it might be pretty nerve wrecking at times, too, in spite of not really being a horror game.

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