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Platinum Games: Astral Chain Will Be Trilogy If Sales Are Good (Update: Nope)

Update: Platinum Games says they were victims of a translation issue by IGN etc. They are not looking to make a trilogy!

Platinum Games has confirmed that their upcoming Nintendo Switch action title Astral Chain will be a part of a trilogy of games. However, this will only happen if the sales of the original, due out in August, maches the company’s expectations. Platinum Games says that they currently have no plans for post game downloadable content.


19 thoughts on “Platinum Games: Astral Chain Will Be Trilogy If Sales Are Good (Update: Nope)”

    1. That strong words for a game that no ones played yet and bayanetta 1 and 2 are exceptional quality, hence the reason bayo 3 is taken ages to show.

      1. Agree with berger.
        Bayonetta as a character and storywise is pretty stale imo. Gameplay wise it’s great and badass tho lol it looks like the story will be better than Bayonetta so I’m more hyped for this than bayo

    2. There are a truck load of reasons it might not sell well, not the least of which being it is on a console with a primary demographic extremely different from the game’s primary demographic.

      It really depends on what they mean by “well” though. Bayonetta has never sold well and yet, they keep getting sequels because Nintendo likes Platinum.

  1. So in a roundabout way, they are saying this game could potentially end on a cliffhanger? Ugh… That’s not a good sign. Now I’m a little hesitant to get the game now. I’d hate to buy a 60 bucks cliffhanger ending game & then find out we’re not getting a sequel to conclude said cliffhanger ending. It’d be nice if they told us that if the game doesn’t sell well that they will add some DLC later on that will conclude the story. *sigh* We’ll see.

      1. Well if they are planning a trilogy, hopefully they won’t start with the cliffhangers now & keep the sequel baiting/trilogy baiting to a subtle level to where the game leaves a possible sequel open while also making it feel like the story is a standalone one.

  2. I just hope that the game works as a standalone story. Many entertainment pieces suffer from bad reviews for trying to establish a universe in the first entry instead of doing a good first story

    1. Of course that doesn’t mean a later game in an established franchise should have it’s main focus being to set up another sequel or saga within the franchise but should mainly focus on wrapping up the current entry/saga’s story in a meaningful & satisfying way while the sequel “baiting” set ups should be in the background in a subtle way just in case the franchise isn’t able to continue after this entry/saga. *cough*KingdomHearts3*cough*

    2. Thus keeping a cliffhanger ending from being a thing. Speaking of, I just remembered Knights of Tir Na Nog & Big Bad Beetleborgs on Fox so many years ago had their final episode with a “in your face” set up for another season. :/

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