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Video: Nintendo Minute plays some more user-created Super Mario Maker 2 levels

A few days ago, a new Nintendo Minute episode appeared. Kit and Krysta decided to take a look at some user-created levels in Super Mario Maker 2. Well, that was only part one. The regularly scheduled Friday episode just went live, and the pair are playing some more of the user-created levels that have gotten their attention. They also shared an official Nintendo Minute Maker ID. If you want to play their levels, the ID is NG6-WH6-9CG. As for the video, you can check it out down below.

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  1. For anyone who’s interested in seeing my work:

    My Maker ID is 4S9-81K-YVF

    Some of my courses are:

    Grannykoopa’s Haunted Basement: 4S4-1RM-0GF

    Slides Like its 1996: HJY-555-QDF

    The Dead Sea (Literally): XBF-XM3-LQF

    Bowser Jr. Stole Your Mushrooms!: T1W-YHG-Q6G

    B Jr. Stole Mushrooms appears to be my most popular one; Grannykoopa’s Basement is my latest. Please, give ’em a spin and tell me what you think!

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