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Digital Foundry examines Dragon Quest Builders 2 Switch performance

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the latest game to be featured by Digital Foundry and they aren’t particularly impressed with the frame rate performance of the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 versions. The PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 run at 60fps but the frame rate on user made levels dips considerably. The Nintendo Switch version runs at 30fps but dips are more frequent and larger and it doesn’t look as though there’s a fix in sight. The resolution of the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 is the same at 1080p. The Nintendo Switch played in undocked mode displays at native 720p. Check out their opinions below.

4 thoughts on “Digital Foundry examines Dragon Quest Builders 2 Switch performance”

  1. God damn. I only played the demo so I assumed it played alright. I was totally surprised when they suggested it could be the worst performing game on Switch.

      1. Noting how hot the game runs in docked mode(for which it somehow attempt to overclock itself somehow), a lot of people are reporting better performance when playing in (non-overclocked) handheld mode ironically.

        This said it means that even just the new “standard” Switch model releasing in August might be enough to get better performances since though it’s strength is supposedly comparable to the original Switch, it’s new chip consume much less power and should be much more efficient at remaining cool.

        Since the worst performances are noted specifically by some in the overclocked mode(which is when it’s docked) where the console run the hottest, that alone might imply the newer console might end up having -potentially- slightly better performances just due to possibly producing less heat when running.

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