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US: Nintendo download for 25th July 2019

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses – War is coming to the great land of Fódlan. Here, order is maintained by the Church of Seiros, which hosts the prestigious Officers Academy within its headquarters. You are invited to teach one of its three mighty houses, each comprised of students brimming with personality and represented by a royal from one of three territories. As their professor, you must lead your students in their academic lives and in turn-based, tactical RPG battles wrought with strategic new twists to overcome. Which house, and which path, will you choose? The Fire Emblem: Three Houses game will be available on July 26.
    • Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Nineteen years after the events of Wolfenstein II, BJ Blazkowicz has disappeared after a mission into Nazi-occupied Paris. Now, after receiving years of training from their battle-hardened father, BJ’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, are forced into action. Team up with a friend online* or play alone. Level up, explore and complete missions to unlock new abilities, weapons, gadgets and cosmetics to complement your play style and customize your appearance. Wolfenstein: Youngblood features the most open-ended Wolfenstein experience to date. From a new base of operations located deep in the heart of the Paris catacombs, plan how and when to attack and dismantle the Nazi regime. The Wolfenstein: Youngblood game will be available on July 26.
    • Forager – Forager is a 2D open-world game inspired by your favorite exploration, farming and crafting games. Start small and improve your base, skills, equipment and network of friends (and enemies!), and build your future as you see fit. The Forager game will be available on July 30.
    • Fantasy Strike – Fantasy Strike is a colorful fighting game in which fantasy meets martial arts. It focuses on depth and strategy rather than difficult execution. It’s designed for tournament play, but also welcomes you to the genre if you haven’t played other fighting games before.

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  1. Hm. I got 3 choices on the 26th: continue playing FFXV to build up my gil so I can buy that bullshittedly priced car part that gets rid of the need for gas in the non-airship version, replay BotW from scratch since my old file was lost and because I haven’t played the extra story for the game, play Fire Emblem: Three Houses, or play one of my other many games on PS4, Switch, & computer? Decisions, decisions. I never did play that Shadow episode of Sonic Forces after beating the main game’s story. Maybe I’ll do that next since it’ll take the least amount of time.

    1. Fire emblem is the way to go if you got the funds. Im broke right now so unfortunately I won’t be buying today. Yup It’s a sad world lol

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