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Spain: Fire Emblem Three Houses one of the biggest launches of 2019

Things are looking very promising for the Fire Emblem series as the latest entry, which is available right now on Nintendo Switch, has performed very well in both Spain and the UK.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has sold 2.5x times more copies than Fire Emblem Fates on the Nintendo 3DS in first week sales. Here’s how well it’s done in Spain.

  • Fire Emblem Fates opening : 8.000
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses opening : 19.500


7 thoughts on “Spain: Fire Emblem Three Houses one of the biggest launches of 2019”

  1. Is there anybody that actually has the time to play all these switch games?
    I’m finding it impossible with so many back logs and tons of stuff coming out.
    I’m def gona spend some time with Witcher 3 when it releases.
    I did play the first few hrs back along, but the switch release will definitely make me play it right through.

    1. No, I have a huge pile of games that I still have to play / touch and I am currently very busy with ThreeHouses and all 4 routes…

  2. So long story short, Europe is loving the game so far. :D

    That’s good. I’m hoping the North American sales are also spectacular. It’ll make me feel better regarding those so-so Japanese sale numbers.

    1. I’m still in the pre-timeskip chapters on the black eagles route, but so far what started as a “meh” experience only got better for me and now I’m really enjoying it!

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