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Best Buy: Neon green Joy-Cons listed for 27th October


US retail chain Best Buy has put up a listing for a pair of neon green Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch system. One would imagine that these are set to tie in with the release of the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3. Luigi’s latest adventure is scheduled to be released on Halloween. These Joy-Cons are listed with a $79.99 price tag.


7 thoughts on “Best Buy: Neon green Joy-Cons listed for 27th October”

  1. Just double checking to be safe, but are these the same neon green color as the ones previously released with the neon pink standalone and splatoon 2 sets?

      1. You can’t be sure, as the image could be a place holder. The listing also says “Green” where every where else on the sight they label the Neon colors as Neon. Remember, their was a non Neon red variant released with mario odyssey, so these could ve non neon green variants for Luigi mansion o3o

        1. but you can’t buy neon green joycons together as they paired with the pink joycons some stores do sell them as same color and mix (I know a few of them) but arms did get a bundle with their joycons being yellow and they were later sold as seperate yellow joycons when super mario party came out if we were getting new joycon colors nintendo wouod have said so themselves they already just announce a lot of new colors like last month (but when a direct comes around and mentions some luigi bundle you may be right)

      2. I don’t know about you, but I’m playing this game with a GameCube controller, even if the controls are hell.

      3. I’m tired of seeing pairs. Someone should tell Nintendo that we’d like to see standalone Joy-Cons outside of Japan. Or allow people to pick & choose the colors they want in a pair on their online store in the US & wherever else has an online store. In fact, their US online store could do with more things, that are new, to buy from there. Exclusive stuff like pick & choose your colors & what Joy-Con the colors are going to be is one thing to make that place better to use for those that prefer to buy stuff online.

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