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Rivals Of Aether announced for Nintendo Switch


It looks as though we are getting Rivals of Aether for the Nintendo Switch platform as the game was revealed during Smash Con. The games creator, Dan Fornace, tweeted that the indie title will be making its way to the system at an undisclosed point this year. Rivals of Aether was released back in 2015 and has been teased for the Switch numerous times. However, now it has been officially confirmed, the speculation can finally end. Now we just need a release date!


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for sending in the tip!

10 thoughts on “Rivals Of Aether announced for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Do ppl really want to play this instead of smash ? Genuinely curious. I know I was enjoying brawlhalla until smash Bros came out and never touched it again lol

    1. I get what your sayin.
      I just cannot see myself playing any other online competitive fighting game other than ultimate. ( until the next instalment anyway)

    2. Brawlhalla is actually bad lol. I tried playing it after Smash and they honestly feel nothing alike. Like I never want to touch it again. Rivals of Aether on the other hand is very inspired by smash bros, the characters feel unique and fun. Teching is a thing but there’s only so much you can use it for, i.e. no hiding under the stage, waiting for your less skilled opponent to approach and completely destroy him because you can reach a part of the stage that they can’t and just camp there until they attempt to approach and then just sit steady until time runs out. That’s a thing that happens in brawlhalla and that is disgusting. RoA and Smash have high level play. Sorry for my rant, and I’m sorry if you enjoyed brawlhalla, but I just had a different experience

      1. Lol brawlhalla was fun from wt I played but like I said it was just holding me off for a couple weeks till smash Bros came out. Never played again and yea I agree with everything u said. I originally wanted brawlout to fill that smash void but that was just disappointing on all levels and I actually paid for that one

        1. Yeah I originally thought Brawlout might be somewhat fun because it looked like the developers tried to make it fun and entertaining, but after I watched Alpharad play it I realized it was fundamentally broken and just waited it out for smash even though I was tempted with yooka laylee and shovel Knight being introduced as playable characters

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