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USA: Fire Emblem Three Houses is 2nd best-selling game in series, just behind Awakening


The NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella always gives good insights into NPD sales data which we receive each month. Last month saw the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the first game in the series for the popular Switch system. Mr. Piscatella says that the game is already the second best-selling entry in the much-loved franchise in the United States and that it is just behind Fire Emblem: Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS in terms of sales.

17 thoughts on “USA: Fire Emblem Three Houses is 2nd best-selling game in series, just behind Awakening”

  1. Unless this game has an all-units golden path on par with Revelation, hard pass.

    I don’t like what these games ask me to do.

    1. “on par with revelation” so compete shit? the whole nature of the game is that you eventually have to fight each other. there is no stupid bs revelation crap. easily the worst part of Fates aside from Corrin.

      1. Well I’m sorry that you love unavoidable deaths so much. But you cannot say that Conquest had a good plot.

        Either way, this isn’t a debate about whether or Fates was a good game or if one version is better than the other.

        I just don’t like the idea of being locked out of units. Oh, and the Fighter Pass Leak in Smash Ultimate concerning this game doesn’t help matters either (especially since it hints at ONE of the opposing leaders).

      1. Fates wasn’t specifically bad because you can recruit EVERYBODY (well 90% of the units from both sides). It had other flaws, but don’t hold the one saving grace against the entire game (or hold Fates’ actual flaws against the idea of a golden path).

        But if not that, than the buck stops for me at Shadows of Valentia. I was never a true FE fan to begin with.

        1. Well, it’s the problem that there being an arbitrary golden path that everyone is happy in would just hurt the game narratively speaking.
          Three Houses has been touted as having a great story because of how grey the whole thing is in most areas, it adds to the drama.
          When people say this game does what Fates failed so hard to do, they aren’t overstating it.

            1. It makes the story thematically sound and consistent. Three Houses has a dour tone, that’s just how it is. Making an everyone is happy route not only conflicts with personal goals of the main characters, but it also throws in a severe dose of tonal whiplash.
              If you want to recruit as many other students as possible to minimalize story casualties then you can. But the way the story is set up no one playthrough can satisfy every character.

                1. That’s fine, I understand your argument here.
                  I think it makes for good replay value knowing that each playthrough is gonna have its own cast of characters and story beats to them. Meaning I’ll probably play this game as much or more than I did Awakening when it first came out.

            2. I do agree with you. Since FE7 I have tried my utter most to get every characrer, chest, item, side-quest etc on every run. Fates did bother my, because even in Revelation there are someone you cannot recruit. FETH isn’t as satisfying because you can’t have it all at once.

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