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Europe: Zelda Link’s Awakening is 5.8GB, double gold points


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake is now available to pre-load on Nintendo Switch in Europe ahead of its September release date. The game is only 5.8GB and you will receive double Gold Points for pre-ordering which means you can exchange those points for discounts on other games. You won’t get Gold Points if you are using a voucher. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will be release on 20th September.


8 thoughts on “Europe: Zelda Link’s Awakening is 5.8GB, double gold points”

  1. Wow my gold points are about to expire by november so I can use them on this and get points back, pay for Mario&Sonic olympic and get a heavy discount on animal crossing.

      1. Didn’t they say that if this game’s dungeon builder does well, that they would think about making a Zelda Maker?
        Well either way, I’m going to have a fourth purchasing of this game.

      2. Yeah I did till I found out it was europe exclusive, but I’m getting another game along with it. I always think of multpile outcomes when it comes things like video games and etc

    1. This is more than likely going to sell well simply because it’s Zelda. Shouldn’t they give the double-points approach to something like Astral Chain since that’s a brand new thing and that kind of promotion could help sell it? I mean look what the Global Testfires did for Splatoon or the Testpunch did for ARMS; I see no kind of publicity like that for Astral Chain and it seems odd that they’re not trying to promote it further.

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