Video: A closer look at the Nintendo Switch Lite from Gamescom 2019

The Nintendo Switch Lite dedicated handheld system is due out next month and Nintendo has given Gamescom attendees a closer look at the system via their display showing off all three colours available at launch. Youtube channel Gaming Boulevard has captured some footage of the system in action. Take a look at the system below.


    1. No it isn’t… You have to connect other joycons wirelessly to the console to play stuff like Mario Party and 1-2 Switch

    2. That’s one of my big complaints about the system. It’s incompatible with certain first party games. It’s also incompatible with Labo. And then there are the games with such small text that it’s hard to read on the regular sized screen.
      And then games like Mario and Project Arms have advanced controls only accessable through detached Joycons.

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