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Sensor Tower: Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded 20,000,000 times

Mario Kart Tour didn’t chart as high as the successful Fire Emblem Heroes, but it does have a large install base already. According to some more data from Sensor Tower, Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded 20,000,000 times in its first day, the most of any Nintendo mobile title in that same time frame. Worldwide player spending is already at $1,000,000. As you can see from the image of a chart down below, it has done much better than Super Mario Run, as well as the recently released Dr. Mario World, in terms of first day downloads.

As for worldwide player spending, the game’s $1,000,000 is lagging behind the $4,300,000 that Fire Emblem Heroes made in its first 24 hours of availability. However, Sensor Tower speculated that “It’s possible that Mario Kart Tour will have a slower start in terms of spending than Nintendo’s other mobile titles as the publisher and co-developer DeNA are experimenting with season pass monetization which includes a free two-week trial period before subscribers are actually charged. The $4.99 per month Gold Pass is current the game’s most popular in-app purchase, but none of the users who have purchased it will be charged for another 13 days; Some of those will likely cancel before that point”.



  1. The Mario Kart series will always be popular as long if they keep adding retro tracks from past Mario Kart titles. The download almost higher then Pokemon GO! and its making good process with the profits they are getting. I bet this game will have its turn next late this year perhaps.

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