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My Hero One’s Justice 2 coming to Nintendo Switch


The latest edition of Japanese magazine Weekly Jump has revealed that My Hero One’s Justice 2 is Nintendo Switch bound. The game is coming via Bandai Namco and players can expect the same battle system as found in the original game, but far more playable characters. These characters include some of those found in the fourth series of the popular anime series. The first confirmed newly playable character is Kai Chisaki who has a Quirk known as Overhaul. The Quirks will be upgraded in this sequel.

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7 thoughts on “My Hero One’s Justice 2 coming to Nintendo Switch”

    1. It was fun for what it was but the competitive is horrible.
      Balance – nonexistent
      Combat Speed – really slow and clunky
      Customization was supposed to be a big point of this game but in the end it was just one or two items in 5 different colours – just keep an eye out for this game and see if it gets better

      1. Yea that’s exactly why I’m not into battle arena games. Doesn’t feel like you need much technique to win and most characters usually feel the same just different effects. Haven’t played the new kill la kill game even if the blazblue guys had a hand in it.

    2. YUS!!! I actually loved this game, and I can’t wait to see how the improve upon all the missed opportunities in the next!!! ^w^

    3. I’d be interested if they actually dubbed it. Seriously, I don’t get why Namco is so anti-dub these games when it comes to these anime-based games.

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