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Japan: Yo-kai Watch 4++ launches on Nintendo Switch 5th December

Japanese consumers will soon be getting a new and improved version of Yo-Kai Watch 4 which is titled Yo-kai Watch 4++. It is an enhanced version of the original which launched earlier this year and includes things such as multiplayer, new areas, and new yo-kai to catch. Those who already own the original Yo-Kai Watch 4 can purchase the new content for 1,650 yen, which saves them repurchasing the game. Yo-kai Watch 4++ launches on 5th December.


7 thoughts on “Japan: Yo-kai Watch 4++ launches on Nintendo Switch 5th December”

  1. So then this is probably the version the rest of the world will get as our base game. I’m still waiting for a US release date.

  2. It’s nice that they give the option to purchase the new content as DLC instead of only releasing the newly added stuff as the “definitive edition” of the game that you’d have to re-buy.

  3. Dang,i thought they announced a US release date,it would have been perfect for the holidays.
    This better be the version we get when the game gets localized though.

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