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Video: Resident Evil 5 demo on Nintendo Switch features native resolution but inconsistent framerate


In case you haven’t seen there are two new demos on the Nintendo Switch eShop. One of these demos is for Resident Evil 5 and the other is for Resident Evil 6. YouTube channel VG Tech has analysed both the resolution and the framerate for the Resident Evil 5 demo and it is good and bad news. The game runs docked at the native 1920×1080 and 1280×720 in handheld mode. It’s the framerate which is the issue as Capcom hasn’t capped it at 30fps. Have a watch of the video below for the full lowdown.


  1. FPS over everything else in my opinion. After that should be the graphics. Resolution isn’t the most important imo. But of course all of it has to blend together.

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