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Digital Foundry comes away impressed by Dragon Quest XI S


The video gaming tech enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry have come away impressed by the port of Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo Switch, so much so that John Linneman says it is one of the “more impressive” ports he has encountered on the Nintendo Switch. They close the video by saying that it is a “remarkably impressive” port. Have a watch below!

The Switch iteration has a dynamic resolution and hangs between 1280 x 720, 1408 x 792 and 1440 x 810 when docked. In handheld mode, the results are around 540p on average. In terms of performance, the game runs at a “stable” 30 frames per second – which matches the original PlayStation 4 release. In battle, there are some occasional dips and spikes, but it’s all incredibly minor.

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3 thoughts on “Digital Foundry comes away impressed by Dragon Quest XI S”

  1. The Switch version is very impressive indeed. It runs so well that it made me completely forget I was playing a UE4 game, and it manages to still look pretty good on the Switch, too.

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