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China: Nintendo approved to sell its first Nintendo Switch game in the country


Nintendo’s move to dominate the Chinese video game market is one step closer as the company has had approval by regulators to sell their first Nintendo Switch game in the country. That game is New Super Mario Bros Deluxe U. Nintendo previously announced in April that it had teamed up with Tencent to help bring the Switch to China and it seems like that’s going fairly well.


5 thoughts on “China: Nintendo approved to sell its first Nintendo Switch game in the country”

    1. I don’t think there’s much of a parallel since Nintendo doesn’t really hold tournaments, where as Blizzard is like the origin of all Esports (Starcraft, Starcraft 2, DotA is a WC3 mod, League was made by some of the makers of DotA, DotA is just dota remastered with more stuff, Overwatch, and HotS). Other than stuff from Blizzard, the only other huge stuff I can think of is CSGO, which is owned by valve, who also owns DotA2, so they’re the only other one where we’d really see much effect from people speaking out about China.

      As far as the content in games goes, I don’t see much of a reason to censor anything for China. Nintendo doesn’t make blood n gore, or any other objectionable content. Their whole business model is making everything for everyone in the first place. Maybe something like LM3 would get some censorship cause like skeletons and stuff are sometimes considered not ok in China for some reason, but that’d just be for the China version.

      Basically, I wouldn’t worry about Nintendo in particular for this China partner issue a lot of other companies are having issues with.

  1. Guys, China getting Nintendo games means more games will get Chinese versions (although Pokemon has had Chinese language for a while now), which means Animal Crossing will probably get a Chinese version, which means we may have Chinese New Years in Animal Crossing, which would be epic

    Hopefully they make all the region versions of the new Animal Crossing have all the content from all games instead of like previous versions where holidays and items were region locked…

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