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EA launching “exciting remasters of fan favourites” before March 2021


EA hasn’t had the best of luck in recent times but that could be set to change as the company has stated that it plans to launch exciting remasters before March 2021. EA has a huge back catalogue and looks set to capitalise on it with some fan favourites coming. Safe guesses would be the Mass Effect series, Dead Space series and Need for Speed series, but no particular franchises have been singled out. Hopefully EA will share some of the love with the Nintendo Switch as it hasn’t been a huge publisher on the platform as of yet with only a handful of games.


18 thoughts on “EA launching “exciting remasters of fan favourites” before March 2021”

  1. i do want a Mass Effect 1-3 series re-master as well for the Playstaion 4&5 and Nitnendo Switch to hold the mass effect franshisee long enough to propel it for bit more time and years as well.. i do want that and hope that it will make everything good again just like the old days.. please make it happen as well..

  2. And by ‘fan favorites’ they mean the Sims with the most micro transactions, definitely not Star Wars Battlefront, and uhhh more micro transaction heavy games

  3. EA.
    Just port Dead Space 1 and 2 to Switch.
    Don’t touch anything, don’t add anything, don’t remove anything, release them both on carts or single cart if you’re feeling generous, and no download shenanigans.
    Just port them, and walk away, don’t stay and wait us to thank you, or ask us if we like it, just do it and walk away.
    Do that and I will actually gain some faith in you.

  4. It’s about god damn time! I’ve been wanting to get all the Dead Space games on PlayStation for awhile now! Don’t fuck this up, EA!

    Speaking of, it’d be nice (and funny) if EA started to become a better company while Take-Two & Activision-Blizzard fight over who will become the bigger shitstain in the video game industry. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, though, since this is EA, after all. They got a long way to go before they earn my trust.

      1. Hey man, there was a new Castlevania game that JUST came out on phones. I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing. I didn’t either until youtube suggested a review of it.

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