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Toby Fox composed a music track for Pokemon Sword & Shield


Toby Fox has announced that he was approached by The Pokemon Company and GameFreak to create a track for the forthcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield games for the Nintendo Switch. He said it was a huge honour for him to be asked to contribute a track to the series. Pokemon Sword & Shield is out on 15th November exclusively on Switch.


    1. He’s pretty well known because of Undertale. Game freak must be big fans as he composed the soundtrack to Little Town Hero too. Rightly so, I only played Undertale this year so came to it late but it was really fun and the music was great.

  1. GameFreak must really like Toby Fox if they’re having him compose music for another one of their games. I don’t blame them either, especially since the soundtrack for Undertale and Deltarune are really great.

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